Scanning for canceled sales


Maybe after a day or two, run a scan if the moment is still for sale. Noticed that some of the moments in the marketplace explorer are not available anymore, but not tagged as sold -- turns out the seller canceled the sale of the moment and it's not available anymore.


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Yeah I 2nd this. Easy example is if you filter for $1 moments. Anything listed that was listed more than like 5 minutes ago is not available now (either canceled or the sale isn't getting recognized by your system). If I filter for max price of $1 I always get a full page of $1 moments but they are all unavailable (like I said except for ones in the past few minutes or even seconds if any)
(if you filter the TS marketplace for $1 moments you only get ones that are available, if any)
A workaround to this might be to let us filter for Listed date and we'd pick something like 'listed in the last 1 hour' or '1 day' to hide most of these.
BUT recognizing the current status, whether cancelled or already sold is priority. Most of the time you want to look at older listings still.

This moment is listed if I filter for $1 moments (on momentranks only) right now and says 'listed 8 hours ago' but if I go to the moment on TopShot it is not for sale and the history shows it did sell for $1 a little over 8 hours ago

This one is listed too "listed 18 hours ago" but is not for sale now and has not been sold since almost 2 months ago (for $5 not $1)
I assume this one was cancelled.